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Up to date information – please consider supporting us!

Due to current federal government measures and restrictions concerning the Corona Virus Pandemic COVID-19, all events in Austria had to be cancelled until June 2020. This regulation and similar restrictions in other European countries confronted Camerata Salzburg with several definite some possible project cancellations.
After 27 cancelled concerts, both national and international, the group is already confronted with substantial financial losses.
Camerata Salzburg is a private organization with a self-financing level of over 90%. As such, it generates the biggest part of the total budget through it’s regular season operation.
The current situation puts a severe and immediate threat on the organization.

Livelihoods are at stake:
The situation not only endangers the organization. The members of Camerata Salzburg are not contracted. Most of them work as freelance musicians and are not entitled to any payment if concerts are cancelled. This situation ist threatening and endanger the livelihoods of every single musician.

Solidarity and civil society initiative:
Camerata Salzburg attempts to take precautions, in order to minimize financial damage as much as possible and to find opportunities at all levels to keep financial loss at bay.
At present the organization is confronted with a loss of over 50.000€. Several individuals within the governing body, as well as the organization ‘Friends of Camerata Salzburg’ have promised their support. Furthermore, talks are taking place with representatives of subsidy providers and concert promoters.

All of these measures won’t be enough though, so this is an appeal to all our friends and supporters, our audiences and to each and everyone who is inclined to help and support Camerata Salzburg, an appeal for solidarity in this crucial and difficult situation.
Please look out for regular updates on our website!
For more information and to answer your questions, please contact Ms Elisabeth Hargassner, Board member of Camerata Salzburg: or +43 662 87 31 04